Prank-o is back on Bored Panda with their hilarious box designs for the best packaging ideas ever. If you want to make your gift much better, you can get one of these prank boxes. We’re sure your friends will be quite surprised to see you give them a “Bicycle Seat Belt” or a “Pasta Recycler.” Most of them will probably be relieved to see a normal gift inside, which will make your gift seem that much more special.

There are more absurd fake gift boxes the designers came up with—if you want to see the previous ones featured on Bored Panda, click here or here. What do you think of these boxes? Would you like to get one and prank your friends? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to go to Prank-o’s social media to see some other cool stuff. And if you do decide to get one, go to their website!

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Bicycle Seat Belt

Image credits: pranko

We managed to get an interview with one of the creators of Prank-o – Arik Nordby. Here’s how he decided to create these unique prank boxes: “Several years ago I watched my 8-year-old nephew unwrap what appeared to be a toaster oven (his parents had actually packed a video game console inside.) While he was dejected, he handled it politely while the adults played along with the joke by saying ‘Wow, Tommy, it has a timer and auto-clean feature – you are one lucky boy.’ It hit me then that I could use my package design skills and love of parody to create fake products to house gifts. I went out, bought a camera and a tripod, and started shooting my first prototype, The Home Dentistry Kit. Using parts from several items, I pieced it together in photoshop, wrote some copy, and built a box.”

Baby’s First Diaper

Image credits: pranko

We asked them what were their most successful products out of the ones they made: “Earwax Candle Kit, Crib Dribbler, Bathe & Brew, and Rotowipe, which is pretty cool because there are four very distinct interests represented!” He also told us what his plans for the future are: “After a really successful fall launch, we’re doing more styles of Prank Gift Cards. We are also creating several more Prank Wine Labels, Greeting Cards, and Flyers. We’ve started the development of an app and we also have several other form factors that will be rolling out in the Spring of 2021, but for now, they’re under wraps. You’ll be among the first I tell, though!”

Pasta Recycler

Image credits: pranko

Arik tells us more about himself and how did he get to where he is: “I’ve been doing graphic design for 30 years – a lot of it package design. I also love parody. From Wacky Packs (in the 70s) to Saturday Night Live fake product commercials, it’s always struck a chord with me. After I did my first few, I met one of the original Onion News founders, and Ryan Walther and I have been biz partners ever since 2010.”

Scrap’n Snacks

Image credits: pranko

“Inspirations come from everywhere. We look at consumer trends, airplane catalogs, flea markets, surplus shops, late-night infomercials. Once we settle on a style, it’s time to create using random parts, soldering iron, glue guns, spray paint, and more. Them it’s time for photography and writing. We enlist many of our friends and family to model. It’s quite a fun process!”

Tidy Tips

Image credits: pranko

“There’s nothing like that moment at a party when everyone gets to watch someone go from confused to all-out hysterics. We also have another company that just creates innovative household products (like Shower Drink Holders and Planters) – it’s,” said Arik when asked why he and his team do this.

Arik shared that there are people who believe that the products are real and are not just boxes: “We get our share of Amazon comments and voice mails, although we try to be very up-front in all the product descriptions that we are just selling boxes.”


Image credits: pranko

Arik shared how being featured on Bored Panda affected their project: “It shared the things we’re most proud of to an audience that truly appreciates exploring interesting, funny and artistic endeavors.

And here are a few words to our lovely readers: “Thanks for taking the time to write comments on Bored Panda! We absolutely love reading these over lunch! Also, if you need a quick summary of how they work, here’s my son, Ike explaining everything.”