It is safe to say that cats are extraordinarily photogenic, but these cats, all caught mid-sneeze, prove that even cats can look silly and lose their composure – just like us.

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Cats primarily sneeze for the same reasons that we do – to expel irritating mucus or particles. And they look a lot like we do when they sneeze as well, with their ordinarily cute faces ferociously or hilariously screwed up and twisted.

Cats can have allergies to things like mold, cleaning chemicals, candles or cigarette smoke. Given how much time they like to spend in corners, in tight spaces and under furniture, it comes as no surprise that they run into quite a bit of dust.

If your cat doesn’t stop sneezing, however, it may be an indication of a more serious respiratory condition. If your cat sneezes a lot, it’s definitely worth seeing a vet!


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