33 Times People Witnessed Something Interesting At The Beach And Just Had To Share It

If you've ever heard the phrase, "Life's a beach," you probably wondered what does it actually mean. A seagull swooping in and stealing your wallet? Or maybe that beached whales are some profound allegory for our society? Well, probably neither but it's fun to entertain the possibilities.

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a series of the most unexpected things that took place at the seashore and it turns out, these pictures have the answers to the questions above. So if you thought that nothing ever really happens on a beach day, let us prove you wrong. It's not just lazing around and baking in the sunshine. The same water you're washing your troubles away can also spit out a giant squid right in your face. The sad part, though, is that it's not all that exciting. Or romantic. There's always a balding, middle-aged man to photobomb your best shots. But hey, at least you’ll never get bored with all these funny people around you.

#1 Her Name Is Argiro And She Likes To Dry Up On This Chair That The Locals Saved For Her

logical fallacy 3 years ago

This must be in Greece. Argyro means 'silvery' in Greek, it's a relatively common name. So sweet. And she is kinda silvery too :)

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What's cool about visiting the beach -- even the same one -- is that they are ever-changing environments so it'll be a little different every time you come back. Within one human lifetime, a shoreline can grow or shrink by tens of feet due to the action of waves, wind, storms, floods and other weather conditions. 

#2 There! Instead Of A Stupid Castle

Herb Eaversmells 3 years ago


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Waves can erode beaches and carry material to other areas, widening shorelines. They can also erode the bases of cliffs until they collapse, changing the coastline overnight. The wind blows sand beyond the waves, forming sand dunes which are eventually colonized by plants. The vegetation slows the wind, preventing it from blowing the sand away and the dunes continue growing larger and larger. There's always something going on.

#3 My Lady Friend Wanted A Piggy Back Picture On The Beach And A Random Biker Watching The Sunset Said He Wanted One Too

Natters 3 years ago


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And if this leaves you craving for a new adventure, try to look for a beach that has a Blue Flag status. Blue Flag criteria include quality, safety, environmental education and information standards, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria. This means that they are safe, the water quality is great, and there are plenty of things to experience. They are in most countries around the world with a total of 4,154 Blue Flags waving across the globe.

#4 This Sign On A Beach In Lithuania

Laura Zappenduster 3 years ago

I assume, people are peeing there in public just to get famous ^^

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#5 Mount Ruffmore

Carol Emory 3 years ago


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#6 How To Use Sand To Freak People Out

Orillion 3 years ago

Great sculpting though.

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#7 How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach

Giraffes Inc. 3 years ago

Nailed it!

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#8 A Radical Concept. Bali 2017

Carol Emory 3 years ago

This should be everywhere!

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#9 We Took My Cat To The Beach And There Happened To Be A Professional Dancer Having A Photo Shoot

Obviously this happened because Buns' day wasn't confusing enough.

YouDontLikeMe? 3 years ago

I have never heard of someone taking their cat to the beach... is this a thing?? It sounds marvelous!

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#10 When Your Beach Towel Is From Costco

Natters 3 years ago

I don't want to know how they clean it...

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#11 Saw This Guy On The Beach. He Said His Grandkids Bought Him This Shirt

allieshouts 3 years ago

Beach, please.

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#12 I Was Stood Taking A Photo Of My Girlfriend In The Sea, Then Realised So Was Every Other Instagram Boyfriend

Herb Eaversmells 3 years ago

This almost seems set up, for a joke

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#13 You Have To Stay 10' Feet Away From The Wild Ponies On Assateague, Even If They Steal Your Spot

Laura Zappenduster 3 years ago

Beach Ponies <3 <3 <3

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#14 E Is For Existential Crisis

Awkward Manatee 3 years ago

hehehe that caption though!

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#15 This Perfect "Story In Three Panels" Of My Cousin

Pungent Sauce 3 years ago

People bash on pigeons all the time, but seagulls are far higher up in the rankings of sky-rats. Right bastards, all of them.

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#16 My Mom Stumbled Into This Drug Dealer While In Jamaica

Sleep Meister 3 years ago

Holy Smokes

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#17 My Boyfriend Decided To Take My Dog To The Beach Today For Some “Quality” Time Together

Sleep Meister 3 years ago

"I am so going to pee in your shoes when i get out of here. FEAR ME! FEAR......MEEEE!"

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#18 Mr. Crab's First Dollar

Kodwo Amigo 3 years ago

Beach better have my money

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#19 I Found A Door (And Nothing Else) On An Abandoned Beach

Daria 3 years ago

So, did you open it?

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#20 So I Went To The Beach And Saw This

somebody you don't know 3 years ago

Actually the best idea ever...

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#21 I Feel Like I Just Missed A Miracle On The Beach

Orillion 3 years ago

Or a tragedy...

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#22 Creative Sprite Ad, Creepy Chair Guy

Carol Emory 3 years ago

Yeah someone needs to check the local sex offenders database...*shudder....

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#23 Just Bro Things

Laura Zappenduster 3 years ago

they are hiding from the beach ponies

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#24 Visual Representation Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Christopher Rhind 3 years ago

At some point he'll pop up

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#25 Finally An Answer To The Age Old Question "Do Raccoons On A Beach In Panama City, Feel Like Fritos?"

peter howard 3 years ago

I love racoons! Beware the racoominati!

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#26 Taking Too Long To Take A Photo Of Her Food On The Beach

Pandykinz 3 years ago

Seagulls love Instagrammers

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#27 This Man At The Beach Has A Tiny Deck Chair To Rest His Head


#28 That's One Patient Dog

Laura Zappenduster 3 years ago

i´ve been waiting for that tail to wiggle xD

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#29 Dodge Tried To Shoot A Commercial For A $60,000 Truck At My Local Beach

Herb Eaversmells 3 years ago

If the truck ran well after this, it would be an add in itself.

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#30 Saw This Inspirational Beach Message This Morning

Christine Holl 3 years ago

There is no wifi. Talk to each other and pretend it is 1995.

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#31 Seagull Has No Boundaries

Bonnie Blue Bird 3 years ago

Maybe he supports another team

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#32 This Man Is Taking A Picture Of His Vape At The Beach

Orillion 3 years ago

When you don't have a partner; improvise!

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#33 Dragged This Down To The Beach

Kai 3 years ago

I hope he didnt leave it there.

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What do you think ?

Herb Eaversmells 3 years ago

What did we learn from all these pictures? That seagulls are in fact assholes!

Carol Emory 3 years ago

You didn't need pictures to tell you that...just take a trip anywhere there are seagulls...they aren't shy....

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Ani-87 3 years ago

Why seagulls are bastards = Humans started to feed them

Janine B. 3 years ago

Exactly, thank you. They are just the profiteers of human stupidity.

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Bluebell Rizzi 3 years ago

Seagulls are my spirit animal.

sharron lynn parsons 3 years ago

Good, I thought I was the only one who likes seagulls !!!

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