Tired of having to look at boring and often misleading book sections at his local bookstore, one guy decided to create his own alternative sections that would describe the books more accurately. He carefully placed them all around the bookstore, photographed the results and quickly got away before anyone noticed.

For example, the culinary section is now called “Meals You Intend To Make, But Never Will” – which we have to agree is a much more accurate description. Also, instead of looking for romance novel section, girls can now ask the store manager to show them where the “Dudes who lost their shirts” section is.

Finally there’s some some order in the book world!

(h/t: obviousplant)

Dudes Who Lost Their Shirts

Meals You Intend To Make, But Never Will

Great Places To Poop

Things That Scare Me

Books You’ll Have To Read A Million Times

Animals I Want To Wrestle

Anxiety – Inducing Books

Women With Short, Professional Haircuts