Recent times have been challenging in many ways for everyone. The pandemic has not only put a burden on medical care, but also caused a stir among people. The confrontation between vaccinated people and anti-vaxxers is one of the most discussed topics in today’s world: the statistics and scientifically proven information against misinformation and personal beliefs. The flow of quick updates and non-stop flow of facts and their interpretations. All of this in just a span of almost two years has made people question everything they see and hear. Having this in mind, Twitter user @jessicam6948, who is a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit, shared what it’s like to be a frontline worker in a hospital.

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Today’s context shows that Covid-19 has not only taken a toll on people’s health but also divided them

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Jessica started her post by remembering people she had to see die because they were not only the victims of the pandemic but also victims of lies and misinformation. According to her, these young people could’ve survived if they had been vaccinated. However, all of these people, four of them in one night, have died because they or their close ones believed that the vaccine would cause more damage than actually help.

This Twitter user decided to share her experience of working in an intensive care unit and spread awareness of what misinformation can do to people


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According to Voice of America (VOA) news, 45% of people who have not yet been vaccinated say that they are “definitely not” getting vaccinated, and only 3% of those who haven’t had their vaccine yet say that they will get the shot. The reason for these numbers to appear is that these people do not trust the vaccine. However, this point of view started a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”—a rise in the number of people contracting COVID-19 among those who haven’t been vaccinated.

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In her Twitter thread, the user also pointed out that one of her coworkers had their tires slashed, but security managed to catch this person. This is only one of many examples of how medical staff is put at risk besides being highly exposed to COVID-19.

She finished her thread with the names of some well-known people who have authority and attract big audiences and who continue to spread contradicting views. One of these names includes Dr. Joseph Mercola, who is an osteopathic physician and an alternative medicine partisan. He is known for being one of the most influential coronavirus misinformation spreaders.

People online also expressed their concern and their point of view


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