If a friend tells you that you’re making a mistake, you should at least hear them out. After all, it only shows that they care. So, when Imgur user NoNienNietNon heard that their buddy was getting a purebred dog, they tried their best to convince them to look at other breeds instead of pugs, mainly because of all the health problems these brachycephalic dogs are so prone to.

One concerned person tried to convince their friend to not get a pug

Comparing the breed’s skull those of other dogs, they explained why pugs are so prone to health problems

Pugs’ history goes all the way back to the Chinese Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). Sources say that Chinese Emperors really valued this dog breed, and kept the pups in luxury. They even sent soldiers to guard the doggos. Now, pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds and are a part of families from all over the world. However, these pups have a lot of health issues worry about.

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“The dog types and breeds that are increasing in popularity unfortunately are plagued by a plethora of different health problems – we are talking about issues from head to tail,” Dr Rowena Packer from the Royal Veterinary College told The Guardian. “Whenever we’ve got breeds that do have health problems increasing in popularity naturally we are really concerned about that.”


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“We see more short-skulled dogs in publicity and that could be making people more aware of them, and how very charming these dogs can be,” Professor Paul McGreevy added. “These dogs are dying, we think, four years earlier than dogs of the same size with normal-shaped skulls. “Because they have got all of the tissues in their head that a normal dog has, but they have less room, they get dental crowding and they also get the soft palette hanging down – this skull deformation is what gives them the [breathing] sounds,” he said, referring to the snuffling, snorting sounds such breeds often make.


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He also said that the wrinkles on their face – caused by excess skin – can lead to eczema and other skin disorders as well as eye problems, while the preference for large heads and small waists in such dogs can cause difficulties during birth. For example, litters of English and French bulldogs are known to require a caesarian section during their delivery.

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