New parents would tell you in a blink of an eye – the hardest part of it is to get your baby to sleep. There are, of course, ways to make it happen, and the one that works for a lot of parents is getting the baby into the backseat and just drive around. But you can’t go on doing that all day… and thanks to the designers at Ford – you won’t have to.

The Spanish branch of the company has created the Max Motor Dreams baby crib, which simulates the soothing ride in the back. It has LED lights which mimic the passing street lights, it has the speakers at the bottom which make muffled engine sounds for ambient noise, and it has the rocking mechanism, which gently vibrates the crib. It even comes with an app designed to track your car’s route in order to reproduce the movements from that exact drive your baby enjoys the most.

For now, there’s only one test crib made, however, according to Ford, “following numerous inquiries, the company is considering putting the unique cot into full‑scale production.”

More info: Max Motor Dreams