I was an extremely bored panda this one time, so I decided to do to something constructive. Therefore, I decided to learn how to fly. I knew I had to get some proof, so my extremely talented photographer friend Vinayak and I, set forth to tell an exciting tale of how people learn to fly. These pictures are not morphed or edited and are straight out of the camera with minor color corrections and crops.

Talk about flying high and capturing the right moment.

Conceptualization and flying: Maniraj Singh Juneja (Moi)
Photography: Vinayak Tripathi

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Thought I’d just fly around to kill time

I am Spiderman, Indian version

Music in the air has it’s own charm

Showing off levitation to friends

Genie in air

The thinking man

I held the train and it took me along

The winds were so strong, I was blown away!

Random transportation from A to B

This is how I travel!

I love swimming… With clothes… In air

Or flying about like a rocket

Working light

Ah, guess it’s time to go home now.