Ever seen a cat so fluffy it looks unreal? Meet Bone Bone the cat from Thailand.

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Not only is this cutie super fluffy but he’s practically a celebrity in Thailand! With over 30k followers on Instagram, Bone Bone the cat enjoys doing adventurous activities like playing at the park and climbing trees – all while wearing his tiny yellow spiky backpack!

While most of our feline friends have some fluffiness to them, Persian cats, which Bone Bone mixed with, are widely known as the number one fluffiest cat breed.

Not only has Bone Bone the cat inherited the fluff ball looks, but also the independent character, often associated with big cat breeds. So, he does not enjoy being pet, much to the disappointment of his admirers. Even still, the adorable kitten is a star wherever he goes, with people asking to take snaps of him constantly! Check out his pics below.

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