Photomacrography or macro photography has opened up views and perspectives to an entirely new realm of the world we often miss to witness. With the continuous advent of technology, we no longer need hi-tech gadgets to capture this beauty, and I have attempted to capture the simple flora of flowers and leaves using only my iPhone. Check them out!

P.S. I am not aware of all names of what has been captured, so I may have given some of them my own titles.

Wilderness bud

Buddy buds

The Hairy Rose

Poppy Buddy


Heart shaped dewy leaf

Zinnia variation

Mimosa Pudica (Touch me not flower)

Calendula petal

Wild blue lil flower


Touch me not

Look inside

Grass flower


White Gomphrena


Purple Liberian

Calendula Bud

White Liberian

Red Poppy

Central charm


Rose bud