A friend rescued Floki from the streets, but couldn’t keep him because her other cats would always bite and fight with him. I took in Floki at first just as a foster, but after a few months I realised I couldn’t bear the thought of him going to anyone else.

I officially adopted him a year ago and now he’s getting fluffier and fluffier. If you are looking for a pet please consider adopting a rescue. They have so much love to give.

Floki was homeless but now he’s fat and super spoiled

This was Floki when my friend took him in

He likes looking deep into your soul

And also loves to sleep most of the day

He’s got beautiful green eyes

And loves passing out and getting sun

He doesn’t quite like getting locked out of the house

This is his what the fuck face

He’s got short legs and a fluffy belly

Here he is not able to decide where he’d like to lie down

Sofa or table? Why not both?

Good night thanks for reading!