Members of the Flat Earth Society claim that the Earth is flat. You know, because taking a walk on the planet’s surface is sufficient enough to deem all contrary evidence as false. Ships disappearing into the horizon? Satellite photos of Earth? Pff, nonsense! Lies! Fabrications of the “round Earth conspiracy,” orchestrated by NASA and the government.

Recently, one of these flat earthers shared a photo they took of their daughter’s preschool textbook. In it, the authors present another “hoax,” the Moon landing. Soon, the comment section was filled with people complaining about the system pushing its agenda, and you couldn’t make this stuff up.

After reddit user mynameisethan182 shared a screenshot of the conversation, it quickly went viral. The post has accumulated over 30K upvotes and 1.7K comments in a matter of hours, and people couldn’t believe their eyes.

Interestingly, did you know that flat earthers also believe that gravity is just an unproven theory? The movement, led by Californian Nathan Thompson, 31, has attracted tens of thousands of followers including a few famous ones, such as rapper B.o.B. or former reality TV star Tila Tequila.

Some flat earthers even tried proving their claims. One of the most notable attempts belongs to Mike Hughes, a daredevil who used a homebuilt manned-rocket in an attempt to see for himself if the Earth is indeed flat. His rocket made of scrap metal was estimated to cost $20,000 and using a mobile home as a custom launchpad, it climbed 1,875 feet with Hughes inside. The landing ended up being hard but the parachutes successfully deployed. The rocketeer wasn’t seriously injured, however, he’s still convinced that the Earth is flat. He claims that real evidence will come with “larger rockets”.

People thought the conversation was ridiculous