Telling someone you love them can be scary. You'll never know how the person will react. Will they reciprocate the feeling or will respond with a polite "thank you"? The confession like that can either take the relationship to a whole new level or even end it. So it's no surprise that people are so anxious about taking this step.

One Reddit user was curious about how did it go for others, so they decided to create a thread asking "What's the story of your first "I love you" with your SO?". Quickly the thread was flooded with answers. While some users revealed that their worst fears came to life once they confessed to loving someone, others shared stories showing how true love looks like. Scroll below to read the stories!

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We'd been dating several months. After a brief silence during a romantic dinner, we both started to speak at the same time.

"I love you" came out in perfect synch, as if we had rehearsed it. Yet it was completely natural and genuine - just one blended voice saying what each of us felt.

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Jeanne Wessinger 2 months ago

Omg that is so cute!

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We were hugging. My stomach growled loudly. She stepped back a little, her arms still on my shoulders and mine on her waist.

"Your tummy must love me," she said with a smile.

"All of me loves you," I replied.

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Meow 2 months ago


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We were laying in bed after dating for about five months and he snuggled me up, said “I love you, I’ve loved you for a long time.” It was so sweet and I said it back. Then, he farted. So it just turned into us laughing and that’s basically our life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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I'm dark 2 months ago

I love that

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At the time we were just very close longtime friends. One day I was sick of pining in silence so I told her “you know I’m as subtle as a chainsaw so I’m just gonna say this straight up: I’m in love with you”

She burst out crying and started hugging me trying to choke out “I’ve been trying to work up the guts to say that for months!” In between sobs. It was wonderful

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Rebekah 2 months ago

Love this one.

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He thought I was asleep, he was leaving for work. I felt a soft kiss on my forehead and a whispered, I love you. I did not say it then. I just lay there and thought how sweet this man was, and how lucky I was for meeting him.

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SirPatTheCat 2 months ago

Omg I skimmed past the part where they said they were asleep... and I thought the SO said "I love you" and the person just...laid there? Anyways I was very confused lol

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My girlfriend and I were discussing via text what we should do on our date. She lists a couple of movies and ended the text with P.S. I love you. We had never said I love you before and I quickly reply back I love you too.

I didn't know there was a movie called P.S I love you. She informed me she was talking about the movie but she really was falling in love with me as well...

Married for 7 years now.

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Jeanne Wessinger 2 months ago

That is hilarious!

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I was a little freaked out by how crazy I was about this guy I’d never been so in love. I wasn’t sure how to go about telling him I love him. When we went to bed I’d wait for him to fall asleep then whisper “I love you” before I rolled over. I did this for several nights and was trying to plan a big romantic gesture but instead I accidentally just blurted it out. He immediately grinned and said, “I love you too.”

After dating several more months he makes a confession to me. He has terrible insomnia and used to pretend to fall asleep then sneak out of bed and play video games once I was asleep. So he heard each one of those secret I love you.

We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.

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Maci Mae 2 months ago

This is so cute!

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Oh man. We had been together for probably 5 months at the time. There was a moment when he was driving us home (his house) one evening, and we parked in the driveway and he turned on the dome light. And I looked at him and I had this overwhelming feeling and I was about to say it. Apparently he could tell from the way I was looking at him and he quickly just said “don’t”. Talk about being crushed.

A few days later we were going to bed and it was really weighing on me. I started crying and when he asked what was wrong I told him that I was hurt, and that “it’s hard loving somebody when they don’t feel the same way about you”. And he paused for a second and said, “I do”.

I found out that he had been waiting until the NEXT DAY when we were going hiking on his grandparents land. There was this giant sandstone rock he went to when he was a kid, and he wanted to carve our initials in it and tell me there.

And since then I have ruined every surprise he has ever tried to pull off. We’ve been together for 7 years now and I still get that feeling when I look at him.

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Bored Lazy Lizzy 2 months ago


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We were at a wedding reception, taking a break outside admiring the landscaped gardens with a pond complete with a small waterfall and talking about how our relationship had blossomed over the past several months. I told her I loved her, at which point she nearly barfed into the pond.

Turns out I was hugging her a bit too tight and the wedding cake wasn't settling well for her. That was 5 years ago and we're engaged now, every once in a while we will still jokingly respond to each other's "I love you" by pretending to throw up.

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Pseudo Puppy 2 months ago

this literally made me laugh out loud. Brilliant. May you life together be filled with many barf-love moments. ;) <3

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she said "I love you", I said "I know" and got a slap in the face

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Benjamin Boysley 2 months ago

you're lucky you didn't end up solo after that :P

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I met him in his party days. Every time he got drunk he told me he loved me, but I was under the impression people lied when they were drunk.

When he said it in the middle of the day, via text, I asked "Have you been drinking already?" He said "no, why?" and I explained that he only ever said it when he had been drunk.

"I've said it before? Huh. Well, I mean it."

"In what way?"

"In every way possible."

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Brian Hobson 2 months ago

People are MORE truthful when they’re drunk.

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He asked me to be his girlfriend by the waterfall and I told him I would love too. He misheard me and said that he loves me too, I awkwardly pointed out the misunderstanding and he said he didn't take it back. I fell in love with him in that moment and we have now been together for 6 years and getting married in 2020.

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Jeanne Wessinger 2 months ago

That is beautiful

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Me: “I love you.”

Her: “I, too, have strong feelings towards you.”

Been married for over a year now. She came around.

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Reggie Kraken 2 months ago

She = android?

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We had expressed at the beginning of our relationship how we thought "I love you" could only be truly said after about 6 months of dating once you're past the honeymoon phase and really know the person. Then I fell in love with him almost immediately. I held it in a long time to avoid freaking him out. After three months of dating, we were lying in bed and I was wide awake because I wanted nothing more than to tell him how I felt. He was dozing off. I poked him awake and quietly said "I think I'm in love with you." In his sleepy daze, he rolled over, bear hugged me and pulled me in close to cuddle. He told me "I love you too." And I cried because it was one of the sweetest moments I'd experienced in a very long time.

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SnowyLynx 2 months ago

That’s awesome!

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My wife and I had been dating for 3 weeks at the time. We both knew going in that our relationship probably wouldn't last very long as she was moving several hundreds of miles away 3 months after us beginning to date to open / train a new retail location for the company she worked for. We both thought "What the hell, I like him/her we can still have some fun." Up until this point, we had literally spent every day together, whether in a romantic sense (as a date you pervs) or just hanging around mutual friends.

Her company sponsored a 3 day exploratory trip to the city she was moving to in order to find an apartment / house and we used it as a mini-vacation as they paid for lodging and gave her a healthy per diam for food / fun expenditures. So we went out to a nice restaurant, then a few bars after that... then a few more bars after that... and ended up in the hotel bar after all that. Suffice to say, we were pretty well sauced at that point. After a couple of drinks we finally made it back to our hotel room at about 3 in the morning at which point I declared my love for her in my drunken state, 3 weeks into dating this woman who I hardly knew.

We both woke up in the morning, a little embarrassed and more than a little hung-over. We talked about it and realized we both actually meant the big L word, even if we didn't mean to say it that early on.

I decided then and there that the shitty job I was working wasn't enough to tie me to the city I was living in previously, moved in with her at that 3 month mark, and almost a decade later we're still (very) happily together.

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SnowyLynx 2 months ago

So they’re married I assume?

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Back in 2010, I gave her a hangman puzzle at the beginning of the day, (The answer was I love you) in between classes she would guess letters. It was almost our 1 year together. At the end of the day, I was given a kiss with an I love you too. Still, have it somewhere even tho it’s faded, I’ll post a picture after work if I can find it.


Jeanne Wessinger 2 months ago

That is clever!

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It actually happened a few nights ago. I was drifting in and out of sleep for at least an hour while we were in bed and she turned toward me and whispered “I love you” in my ear and I said it back and that was that. apparently, she had been working up the nerve to say it for the whole hour I was sleeping and it was quite the statement to wake up to but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. we then proceeded to have mushy relationships conversations late into the night so I’m glad I had the nap beforehand.

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Jeanne Wessinger 2 months ago



We were drunk and laying in bed. She said it and I didn't hear her. I thought she said "I like you" so I said, " I like you too". Then she started crying... I do love her though and now I make sure I tell her that at every opportunity.

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Adverb Waffle 2 months ago

Big oof


I said to my now wife “I love you.” after only 2 weeks of dating. She, rightfully so, freaked out. I tried to backtrack. That made it more awkward. I then tried to just go to sleep in hopes of waking up not single. Tried again 8 months later; was successful.

Wait longer than 2 weeks, people.

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Leo Domitrix 2 months ago

Hubby said "I'd marry you now if I could" 3 weeks into our dating. We'd already been friends 2 years, tho'... and hadn't even slept together yet... Married over 25 years now!!

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We had broken up, he had said he wasn't that into me. Six months later he rings me up, wants to have a beverage.

We sit at the table, he stares around, makes small talk, we get our sodas, I finally ask what's up, angry because he ended the relationship and he looks so handsome, so I tell him to either speak his mind or I'll leave, he writes "I love you" on the table with the condensation from his soda.

I cried because I had been missing him terribly. We got back together and the relationship has been so smooth and beautiful for over five years.

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Reggie Kraken 2 months ago

So what was his fricken reason for dumping you for 6 months?

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She grew up in Hong Kong and went back for Christmas for the first time after we'd been together for a couple of months. I wanted to say it to her at the airport when she got back but chickened out all the taxi ride back to her place. We were sitting in her bedroom and I finally blurted it out, and she said: "Is that why you've looked so worried since I got back?".

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Rosie Gal 2 months ago

She saw right through you 😊


5 months in, we were driving back from a quiet bar. It was a very still night and I wanted to say it, but I didn't know if she was ready. She told me she had trouble expressing affection; her parents weren't very close to her as a child.

I caved into my own impulse and said it though, and she repeated the sentiment but told me she was struggling with the concept of "love", that I had to be patient with her as she experienced new emotions. Our relationship will be 3 years strong next month.

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Madeline Allman 2 months ago

Good for you for being patient and helping her through it👍


We went on a stargazing date. Very romantic, lots of hugging, sharing of jackets, the whole shebang. At some point, he turns to me, kisses me, pinches my earlobe, and says "I lobe you". I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes harder. We both said "I love you" within the next hour.

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We were sitting on a couch watching Doctor Who. I said, "I have something to tell you." She said, "You love me?" I said yes. She said, "I love you, too."

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Benjamin Boysley 2 months ago

maybe she's a time traveler :O

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I said ‘I love you’ and he wasn’t ready to say it back. He was very surprised and couldn’t stop saying ‘wow, you love me’ and then a little more teasing ‘you loooooove me’. I may have cried a little and he felt awful.

When he said it to me, he wouldn’t leave me alone while I was cooking dinner and as I snapped ‘GET OFF OF ME’, he quietly told me he loved me too.

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安娜貝拉李 2 months ago


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The night before I left for SE Asia for 2 weeks. We had been exclusively dating for about a month. I was worried it would be too soon but I just had to tell her before I left. She told me that if I hadn't done that she would have told me the day I got back. Happily married now!

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Milan VulcanAres 2 months ago

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So.. We met at game of greedy with friends...talking, chatting and laughing.. At end of game was our first kiss with a promise of date.. AT END OF DATE SHE BANGED ME. 14 HRS STRAIGHT.. Fuck.. I thought I was taken advantage of.. NEXT DAY I DID IT FOR 14 HRS TOO.. She cried of being exploited... . . 2 days later.. WHY DON'T WE SETTLE THIS UP.. We both said at same time... And 6 months later.. She is my bitch and I am her beloved God dog. . . Sorry for language.. But it just happened this way irl

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I had almost said it about 30 minutes prior. It took me by surprise because never before had i had to stop myself from just blurting out those 3 words especially first. We walked to the train bridge in town. The sun was setting slowly and he looked at me and said "I love you". I had a huge smile on my face as I looked up at him, and kissed him passionately. When I pulled back, I was still smiling and said "I love you". He laughed and said "I know". It was then that I realized I missed my chance of making a Star Wars reference.

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He said it over Snapchat. The rest of the relationship was about as good as that statement was impressive.

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Meow 2 months ago

My first boyfriend we got together over snapchat... you can tell how disastrous that turned out :'(

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She said it first, right as we were going to bed. I was drunk as hell, and popped up and exclaimed "What!!??" Not my finest reaction.

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My O My 2 months ago

Nevermind 😘. I loughed at my hubby because I thought he was joking when asked me to marry him 2 months in


I was really drunk I told him I loved him then passed out. The next day he asked if I remembered what I said and I told him I remembered and he asked if I meant it, I told him I think so and he said he thought he loved me too.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday.

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Sasy 2 months ago

Saying and then I passed out, does not always mean from the can just mean we were out all night drinking, then got home and said that and fell asleep. Passed out from being exhausted, fairly common usage.

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