When it comes to being a mom, there is no doubt that they do not have it easy. But what about winning an Australian Open final while eight weeks pregnant? Or raising kids while practicing for a Wimbledon championship that you’ve already won five times? Well, real-life Superwoman Serena Williams knows what it feels like being a working mom, and even though she’s an inspiration to most of us, she has her own parenting struggles.

Recently, she took Twitter to share a heartbreaking post about missing an important milestone of her baby girl because she had to practice. But the Internet did not let Serena feel bad about herself. Many people responded to her tweet with supportive messages for the champion. Some women even shared their own motherhood sacrifices raising their young kids that had to be made to succeed in their careers.

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We all know that Serena Williams is a real-life Superwoman

Image credits: Jewel Samad

She proved that when she managed to win the Australian Open final while eight weeks pregnant

Recently, she tweeted a heartbreaking post about missing her daughter’s first steps

But the Internet quickly responded to her post by saying, that she is an incredible mother and an athlete

Many women supported her by commenting that her daughter was only practicing

Mothers started sharing their own sacrifices that had to be made due to their work

All the encouragement for Serena made this a truly wholesome Twitter exchange

There’s no doubt her daughter will be very proud of her mom!