No forest animal in Finland will ever go hungry as long as Konsta Punkka has anything to say about it. This 20-year-old Finnish photographer and, in his words, “squirrel whisperer” makes simple trades with the wild animals he meets – for a little snack, they’ll pose so he can take adorable photos!

He’s got tons of beautiful photos of Finnish animals and nature that he takes both with his 18-55mm and 105mm lenses and with his iPhone, so check out his website! For more info about how he gets these pictures, read his interview with Bored Panda below.

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I have several different spots in Finland, where I photograph these guys,” Konsta Punkka told Bored Panda. “Some of the places are near my home where I walk and I need to go by car for some of the fox places

The feeding thing in my photographs is more like a thing I want to show to the people, that the animals trust me and they allow me to get really close to them. I don’t feed these guys much, just a few peanuts to get them stay close to me to take the shots

I always think first when I feed the animals, ‘does this put the animal in danger?’ If there’s a fox walking in the middle of the city I won’t feed it, because it will come back and that can be dangerous for the fox, for example

But in the woods at winter time I think that a few peanuts for the birds and squirrels is not bad for them, because it’s already hard to find food in winter, so a little amount of peanuts in uninhabited areas won’t do any harm

I always photograph the portraits of my animals with my DSLR and the videos with iPhone. Sometimes I photograph landscapes with iPhone as well, if the circumstance makes the iPhone a better camera than DSLR. For example, when photographing in hard positions near puddles and water, it’s easier to handle the angle with an iPhone than with a DSLR

Thank you, Konsta Punkka, for telling Bored Panda more about your work!