Humans are fascinating beings. After we lose a loved one, doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, cricket or a sibling, it’s normal that a lot of us start holding sentimental value over physical objects that didn’t mean so much before. The problem with this is that sometimes our attachment to heirlooms, keepsakes and mementos, no matter how silly or expensive, can be disregarded by others.

Which is precisely what happened to u/AdNO3535435. Coming home one day, this 33-year-old man noticed that something is amiss — the gaming chair that was left to him by his little brother before he passed away was gone. Turns out, man’s 31-year-old unemployed fiancée was so desperate to get back to gym that she spontaneously sold the only piece of furniture that was really important to her future husband. Naturally, he was upset and things quickly got out of hand, as told in his thought-provoking ‘Am I The A-Hole‘ story.

This woman might not like gaming altogether – another reason for Bored Panda‘s gamers to hold on to your precious Secretlab’s gaming chairs as if life depended on it; but selling a keepsake without discussing it first with your partner is not cool. This chair may have been worth only a few hundred bucks to her. And a gym membership. But to her fiancé? It was invaluable.

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This man shared a story of how and why his dear fiancée decided to sell a very important keepsake of his just to pay for her gym membership

Image credits: Siavash Ghanbari (not the actual photo)

Image credits: AdNO3535435

All things considered, people’s response to the story is not shocking