Do you remember that dad who keeps stroking a shotgun whenever his daughter’s date comes by? Chances are, you don’t wanna be him. Don’t get me wrong, I know you would do anything to protect your child. But what if there’s a more effective way than the shotgun?

Nicole, the woman behind the blog jthreeNMe, recently published an open letter to all men who are raising girls, highlighting what they should focus on when preparing them for their love life. Loving their wives.

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Nicole and her husband have three kids; two daughters (8 and 3) and a son (6). She doesn’t think it’s just fathers being scared of their daughters dating, but parents in general worrying about their kids — boys and girls — finding and maintaining healthy friendships and relationships. “With social media, magazines, reality shows and the like confusing them when it comes to authentic connection (what it feels like and what it looks like) hoping our kids turn into good people who meet and fall for other good people is an anxiety-provoking wish for all of us parents,” she told Bored Panda.

“I don’t think that men are ‘too involved’ in their daughters’ lives nor do I think their wives are,” Nicole explained. “I think any good parent is appropriately attached and involved and most importantly present. That takes a lot of a husband and wife’s energy, leaving little for each other sometimes which is why it’s important to give the relationship with your spouse deserved attention.”

Image credits: jthreenme

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