What first comes to mind when you see an American flag? Freedom, the Statue of Liberty, or maybe a big bite of junk food? This last association was been used by French photographer Jonathan Icher in his “Fat Flag” photo series.

With the help of body art professional Anastasia Parquet, Icher picked five different nationalities, took the national flags, and put their iconic foods into his photo models’ mouths. France is related to the croissant, a Japanese girl eats sushi, cooked spaghetti falls out of an Italian’s mouth, a man with the American flag is ready to swallow up a burger, and a girl wearing the Union Jack represents the well-known full English breakfast by eating a fried egg.

Icher’s photo ideas and body painting brings to mind the Food Country Flags ad campaign launched by the Sydney International Food Festival back in 2009. Both artworks playfully highlight the culinary stereotypes and heritage associated with certain nations.

Source: jonathanicher.com