While some Game of Thrones fans prepare for the next epic battle in the second to last episode – others have their sites set on the real ones to watch – Arya and The Hound. While Arya may have refused to ride off into the sunset with Gendry, she did ride off with her trusty old frenemy, The Hound, determined to settle some scores.

While fans can only imagine what the pair will get into next episode, TV vet Lance Krall decided to create a trailer for the duo as stars of a buddy comedy spinoff and it’s so utterly delightful people will wish it was real.

A Game of Thrones fan created a trailer for Arya and the Hound as stars of a buddy comedy series – and people love it

The fake series saga begins with the two leaving Westeros and then proceeds with a highlight reel of their best moments. Krall told Bored Panda that the comedy vision came to him in the night: “Like everyone else, I love Game of Thrones, and I’m getting a bit sentimental about it now that it is ending. The night after watching the latest episode (The Last of the Starks) I had a dream about the intro to a spinoff with Arya and the Hound. It had the Jim Croce song and everything! It was so delightful that I went into work early and edited the trailer from my dream.”

Plucked from his dreams and put through editing software, he said he’s glad his subconscious chose this dynamic team, “I love those two characters and their journey in the show,” and even shared his fan prediction, “My hope is that they both chop off The Mountain’s and Cersei’s heads and then go off on amazing adventures together. I don’t think that will happen though. I’m going to be gut punched if either of them die.”

As we have learned we can never hold out too much hope on our favorite characters surviving, but in the meantime, Krall has given us a ‘sweet’ look back on all of our favorite moments between these travelers. From Arya learning how to kill someone, the Hound teaching her how to kill someone and Arya smiling after killing someone with him by her side.

While in reality, this particular spinoff seems highly unlikely, HBO and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin have gone of record to say that there are other GOT spinoffs in the works. In 2017 Martin revealed there were five spinoffs in the works and HBO said they have already ordered a pilot for at least one “GOT” spinoff, reportedly set around 5,000 years before the time of the original series.

Until we hear more from HBO we have this fantastic trailer to tide us over. Krall said originally the video was just meant to be for his friends but it has since gone viral, “I wanted to share it with some of my friends. One of them suggested that I post it online so others could enjoy it too. I’m glad I did and was able to bring a few minutes of joy to everyone. It certainly makes me smile when I watch it.” So can we expect more fan videos from this editing mastermind? – he says “not today” (or ever) sorry.

Watch ‘Arya and The Hound’ Trailer here


Had a dream last night that I was watching HBO’s next Game of Thrones spinoff. Woke up this morning and edited the intro. Enjoy.

Posted by Lance Krall on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GOT fans everywhere applauded the trailer with plenty of comments and memes

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