With all the doctors and health officials recommending social distancing and coronavirus being the hottest topic of the day every day for a pretty long time now, it‘s only natural that the biggest names on the market jump in to show their integrity and also send a really important message.

While some people already tried to imagine how famous brands could stay in line with the latest news regarding coronavirus, some of the brands took matters into their own hands. Five big brands that probably every soul walking this earth certainly know found an ingenious way to stay in line with the recent event regarding the pandemic and also encourage people to keep a social distance. They added little twists to their famous logos, underlining once more the importance of social distancing.

Some McDonald’s locations separated their iconic golden arches

Editor-in-chief of Ad Age, Brian Braiker, says it’s time for brands to provide a “real, meaningful service”. Some A-listers like the Gap made their input by making masks for healthcare workers or LVMH or manufacturing hand sanitizer like Christian Dior or Givenchy. And some others contributed by spreading the message. Some international locations of McDonald’s separated the iconic golden arches in the company’s logo to stand with health officials and underline the importance of social distancing.

Audi pulled their four rings apart to encourage social distancing


“Understanding the situation, shutting up, and doing something helpful is really the only way to go here. When you see brands like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola spacing out their logo designs in ‘solidarity,’ it strikes a sour note,” Braiker said.

Volkswagen tweaked up their logo for their social media as well

Both Audi and Volkswagen, that share the same ownership, shared videos of their creative logos on their social media. Audi is encouraging people to stay at home and practice social distancing by sharing a video of their four rings being separated. Similarly, Volkswagen prompted a short video on their social media, distancing the V and W in the new logo.

Coca Cola is putting up billboards with this important message

Image credits: bellethewinebae

Coca Cola seems to be always aligned with not only the latest events but pioneering marketing trends as well. Therefore, it’s no surprise they’ve tweaked their logo as well, distancing all the letters from one another. They put the modified clever logo up on several billboards, one of them being in a deserted Times Square in NYC. The campaign is carrying an inspiring slogan: “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.”

Chiquita is sending the message by removing their fruit lady from the logo on Instagram saying she’s home


Image credits: chiquitabrands

The international provider of bananas and other fruit and produce, Chiquita, jumped in with this latest trend and tweaked up their logo on social media as well. They removed the famous Miss Chiquita from their logo and posted it on Instagram, saying, “I’m already home. Please do the same and protect yourself. #stayhome”