There is a classic re-occurring Saturday Night Live sketch called ‘Penelope,’ with Kristin Wiig acting as an obnoxious woman whose purpose was to show up and one-up everyone around her. What makes the skit so hilarious (other than the acting) is that most of us have encountered our own ‘Penelope’ at one point or another.

Well, Tumblr user Amy shared her story of retaliation against one such co-worker, Faye, who was quite skilled in the art of one-upmanship. Faye is described as quite the narcissist in the post and couldn’t even remember Amy’s name. Well, one day she asked about Amy’s “son”, Tim, and well things sort of spiraled from there.

Scroll down below to see how one question turned into a running gag and don’t forget to share your comments with us! (Facebook cover image: amanda7)


Image credits:  aiesecgermany (not an actual photo)

Tumblr user Amy was tired of her narcissistic co-worker’s inconsiderate attitude so she found a way to get back at her

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