The nightmare before Christmas is one of me favorite Tim Burtons films other than beetle juice. This shows some facts from this beloved movie made in 1993.

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Tim with Jack and Sally

This was the most difficult scene out of the whole movie.

This movie wasn’t t directed by Tim burton.

This movie was originally directed by Henry Selick .

Jack Skellington resurfaces in Selick’s later films.

Jack shows up in other films such as 2009 coralline , when the mother had made eggs, it shows him hidden smiling. Also comes as a pirate in the movie James and Th Giant Peach.

The plot was inspired by the recurring collision of holiday store decorations.

A Burtons poem predated the nightmare before Christmas

The nightmare before Christmas was suppose to be a TV Christmas special

Patrick Stewart was cut from the film.

Shooting started before the set was created.

Selick is responsible for jacks suit

Disney fought burton to give jack eyes.

Secret Disney in the movie

The sets had secret passages for the animators.

Tim burton rejected a cgi sequel.

Deleted scenes included Behemoth’s solo and an alternate Oogie Boogie reveal.

Just watch.