Most of us are familiar with makeup application as an everyday thing that women (and sometimes men) do to enhance their appearance. Professional makeup artist Tal Peleg from Israel, however, has elevated this everyday ritual into an art form.

Her eye makeup designs go far beyond a simple touch-up – each is a miniature work of body art in its own right. Some look like they might be a bit uncomfortable to wear, but others might go well with certain fancy outfits. Peleg, who went to school to become a makeup artist, uses her own creative vision as well as the model’s own eyelashes and brows to create her creative and cute makeup looks.

Peleg is not the only one who makes cool makeup look like art – Svenja Schmitt and Sandra Holmbom also have their own unique and unexpected twists on makeup ideas.

Source: | facebook | deviantart (via: mymodernmet)