I am a self-taught embroidery artist who creates figurative narratives in thread. My background is actually in traditional fine art but I stumbled upon the medium back in college. Combining the immediacy of sketching with a deep love for textiles and sewing, drawing with thread satisfies both of my interests. There is just something beautifully fragile, odd and otherworldly about the medium. Densely embroidered, compressed images composed entirely out of thread is a direct link to my inner world, and seems tailor made for secret thoughts.

My work is about the human experience; how we live our lives, the stories we tell ourselves, the history we choose to pass on or leave behind. I strive to create work that captures the murky tangle of our interior world in a way that is both beautiful and haunting. My hope is that if the work rings true personally, it will resonate with others too.

More info: michellekingdom.com

#3 Preparing For Flight

Preparing For Flight


Calista Batey 1 year ago

Rue from hunger games

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#6 Headlong Over Precipices

Headlong Over Precipices


Snejana Soleil 1 year ago

All of these works are really cool and impressive though look somehow creepy...

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