These days it seems impossible to go at least 24 hours without someone telling you to try ‘this new method’ or ‘this great new product that will blow your mind’. What makes this matter even worse is celebrities constantly advertising products trying to prove to you that you definitely need this product in order to look better and be healthier. Even though sometimes new methods have really positive results for your well-being, we shouldn’t believe everything we are told to try, and Anne Hathaway definitely proved that to us.

Everyone knows actress Anne Hathaway

She is one of the world’s highest paid actresses and has received multiple awards including a Golden Globe, a British Academy Film Award, an Academy Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award. Despite all of these incredible achievements, you might also know her as ‘the woman who starred in the Princess Diaries’.

Recently, she visited the Ellen DeGeneres show and decided to share a recent discovery

In her interview, Anne explained that during the holidays she took a road trip with her family and while traveling they found a cute second-hand book store where she found a book called “Citrus Healing”. The point of the book was to show you all the ways you could incorporate citrus fruits into your daily life. According to Anne, citrus can improve your life in many ways, it’s good for you health, you can use it for cleaning, but what amazed her the most was that you can uses citruses for meditation practices.

She then presented to the audience a technique called the “Clementime”

The technique begins by peeling a clementine, then putting it in your mouth and breathing through it, also you have to make these weird monster-like sounds. Anne guaranteed this type of meditation really makes you feel better.

After Anne explained the idea behind the “Clementime” everyone in the audience tried it

Citruses, in fact, do have a lot of beneficial uses, for example, they are very popular in aromatherapy, can reduce kidney stones, as well as blood pressure, and there’s no doubt they are the greatest source of Vitamin C. All these great benefits aside, breathing through a clementine won’t really do anything for your health.

While everyone was practicing their “Clementine” Anne explained that she made the whole thing up

Everyone in the audience started laughing after they understood they had been pranked in front of millions of people watching. Anne also added that one of her 2019 resolutions was to use her fame to prank as many people as she can, and she definitely succeeded.

Anne later explained that the main thing she wanted people to take from the experiment was “Do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to”

In today’s society, many people tend to buy and use products advertised by celebrities, especially on their social media. So, with this type of promoting getting more popular, it is important to be cautious.
Back in 2016, a management company called Nielson did research to find out what generations trust what type of advertisements the most. In their research, they found that celebrity endorsements resonate more strongly with Generation Z and Millennials.
What this means is that younger generations are easier to be fooled by what celebrities promote to them. We often think that the advertised product is the reason a certain celebrity looks good, but it usually is never the case. So just like Anne said, remember “do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to.”

Here you can watch the full video!