At a glance, it looks like a regular cozy hoodie. But looks can be deceiving. Sydney-based artist Alex Seton creates these super-realistic sculptures of our everyday clothes – from cozy hooded sweatshirts to soft-looking t-shirts and sports costumes – from solid marble.

Seton prefers carving from Carrara marble, which is usually white or blue-grey and has been used for sculpting and building decor ever since Ancient Roman times. It’s really incredible how the artist can take a piece of cold, solid material and turn it into warm- and comfy-looking fabric with subtle folds and creases. In his biography, Seton writes that he is interested in changing how we look at the traditions behind certain art materials. We would all expect to see old Greek or Roman statues out of white marble, but Seton shows it can be used for creating something as soft and cozy-looking as modern clothing.

Source: (via: twistedsifter)