More than 600 Corgis gathered for the most awesome Corgi beach party this weekend at Huntington Dog Beach, Southern California. The event happens several times a year and it’s even cuter than you’d expect it to be!

The Corgis had a chance to participate in talent and costume contests, as well as try limbo or a canine kissing booth. They could even compete for the best momo (aka Corgi butt)! “Everybody had the best time, even though it rained,” Kelly McLemore, who organizes the triannual event, told BuzzFeed. “Corgi people are super committed.”

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More than 600 Corgis gathered for their own Coachella for the 13th time this weekend in Southern California!

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And it was pretty freakin exciting!

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“Everybody had the best time, even though it rained”

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There was a Corgi-Kini contest for the ones that wanted to show off their beach bodies!

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And a costume contest for the most creative ones!

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“Corgi people are super committed”

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The little ones were introduced to the triannual party, too

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Talented Corgis used the opportunity to please the crowd

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Some were busy looking for secret treasures…

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Others took power naps

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Nosy Corgis used the opportunity to gossip

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While some just wanted a tummy rub after so much action…

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Grab your Corgi for the next beach day on July 2nd 2016!

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Watch the video here: