A doctor who goes by the name of DoctorMorbius on TikTok has had enough of anti-vaxxers. His content on the platform constantly features medical articles, testimonials, and pretty much every bit of information on diseases and ways to fight them that you can only imagine.

DoctorMorbius went viral in June when he made a response to the infamous “not a vaccine hoochie.” That video has received nearly 10 million views. And while it sounds crazy that someone could replicate that figure in a month, one of the doctor’s recent uploads is gaining traction.

While sitting in a car, he shared a rant on the final patient he had that day; an anti-vaxxer who had the audacity to say that their opinions on vaccines carry the same weight as his.

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Here’s the transcript of the video


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The TikTok has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms where netizens who’re just as frustrated with anti-science conspiracy theory enthusiasts backed DoctorMorbius’s thoughts on the matter. “This guy is 100% on the money. Shut the f**k up about your Facebook degree in epidemiology,” tweeted Mel en Suisse.

“The whole point of going to school for over a decade [and] then dedicating your life to science is so that your opinion carries actual weight. Stop listening to every Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just because words come out of their mouths doesn’t mean there’s validity,” urged a Twitter user named Frank Giugliano.

Immediately after, the doctor released a follow-up video to clear the air

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Two months ago, my colleague Irmante published an in-depth piece on the differences between 9 Covid-19 vaccines.

As there is a ton of data about the new vaccines and it can be confusing for the general public to make sense of it all, Irmante talked to Etienne behind the LaPipette project who created simple and understandable flashcards, comparing the shots.


The jabs rely on different technologies to boost the immune system against the virus responsible for Covid-19 and each manufacturer completed their own clinical trials to estimate the efficacy of their vaccines. The main caveat is that efficacy between vaccines cannot be compared since each clinical trial has its own standard (‘end-point’) to assess COVID-19 cases.

However, even Etienne, a PhD biochemist, pointed out that any health recommendations should come from personal doctors if there are any personal concerns about the vaccines. Let’s hope that more people will come to this conclusion.

And a discussion soon followed


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