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If you have never heard about the phenomenon that calls ‘Russian comics’, then it’s time to discover something new.
Today I’m going to tell you about the Exlibrium comics series that was released by BUBBLE Comics in Russian in 2014.

The story of Moscow geeky teenager Lila Romanova was written by Natalia Devova and illustrated by Andrey Ozich Rodin and Alina meissdes Erofeeva

Today is a special day for guys – they are launching their first campaign on Kickstarter to publish Exlibrium in English. I’m pretty sure after looking at Exlibrium you’ll want to support this project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/519101747/exlibrium-book-one

Speaking briefly about the story, the book is about a normal girl Lilia Romanova, who is interested in comics, books, movies, video games.

Of course it’s not that simple. Starting from the first pages, Lilia faces fantastic heroes who have escaped from the books.

And as expected, she meets a magical order of bookwizards who guard the border between the real world and the world of fiction.

Against her will Lilia is dragged into this fairy tale world and two brave guys Arthur aka Nightingale and Sasha take her under their wings…

We can see many references to books, videogames, TV shows and series throughout the story. I was really happy to see a replayed scene from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, for example.

Russian readers are really crazy about this comic. So, what do you think?