We all know Disney characters by now. Most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with popular children's cartoons and movies. Many artists like to take the popular characters and place them in all kinds of situations, like reimagining famous movie posters or humanizing them. The artist known as Onefairyfail on Instagram created a series called 'Phone Fairy Fails' where they show what would happen if Disney characters had phones and other technology.

Onefairyfail told Bored Panda: "Basically I love creating humorous scenes and the more they are inspired by real life and I can relate to them, the funnier they seem to me. The idea actually came to me while I was just scrolling social media, seeing all these selfies that people take with these face filters on, and then all the other situations just started floating in my head."

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"As for the rest of the FairyFAILS (that’s how I name my creations), they were born while I was watching 'Dirty Dancing' and I thought to myself how many cult movies the generation of today never watched. I thought combining famous scenes from these movies and shows with famous cartoon characters in a humorous way can pay tribute to these movies and get people to watch them and, at the same time, make others feel nostalgic."

We asked the artist what inspired her to create these edits: "Basically when I started, I already had quite an active account Omerika where I’m known for my other work—which is surreal visual art, but while my Omerika artworks have a fairly melancholic vibe, once the pandemic started and quarantines became a never-ending thing, I felt that during this time, I should make more room for the lighter and more humorous side of me, so I decided to give more focus to my OneFairyFAIL account."

"My entire concept of FairyFAILS is paying tribute to classic cult movies and TV shows that I love. I'm a huge fan of memes and cartoons in general, and so the idea of combining the cartoons with famous classic movies was born. At first, my FairyFAILS were all about that, then one day, after seeing countless videos of girls going through the 'DIY bangs' phase while in quarantine—I came up with the idea of Princess Ariel cutting her own bangs and that’s when my FairyFAILS started expanding to other concepts and scenarios and not just famous movie and TV show scenes."

We asked Onefairyfail why she chose Disney and other cartoons as a theme: "I think that because cartoons and Disney characters, in particular, are so magical and supposedly perfect that it’s funny to me to suddenly think of them as regular people going through these realistic and not so fun experiences as we all go through in real life and how they react to these experiences."

She also shared where she gets her inspiration from: "I always come up with my ideas that are inspired from either personal experiences or something I see while scrolling through social media that I find relatable."

Onefairyfail tells us how she learned to create these types of edits and use Photoshop: "I’m originally a graphic designer, so I learned the basics of Photoshop during my graphic design studies, then I expanded my knowledge further on my own."

The artist also shares what her favorite part about creating this type of art is and what she struggles with: "My favorite part is bringing my idea to life visually, especially when it turns out the way I imagined it in my head. The hardest part is when the idea I had suddenly loses its appeal to me or when the editing gets messy and doesn’t match the vision I had for it so I find myself changing the concept or starting the edit again from scratch. I’m a horrible perfectionist sometimes." Onefairyfail mentioned that the edits she creates can become very complex sometimes and even take several days to finish.

Onefairyfail shared her favorite Disney movie and characters to edit: "My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, so naturally, I always love making FairyFAILS of the characters from this movie. I also enjoy creating FairyFAILS of The Little Mermaid, they’re always fun."She shared that she has many future projects planned, but for now will focus on the phone/technology series: "I almost always have future project plans. The Phone FairyFAILS series still have more to come, I’m not done with them yet. But overall most of my work is pretty spontaneous—I suddenly get an idea, and I execute it as soon as I can."

The artist tells us more about herself, her hobbies, and what she does in life: "In terms of hobbies I would say that Photoshop and photography are probably my 'official' hobbies. I also started digital drawing about 2 years ago and I love it. I’ve been a visual artist for about 10 years. I mostly do surreal photo art—which is what I started with as 'Omerika.'"

"You can say that I’m just a simple girl who loves art, visual aesthetics, and binge-watching TV shows, and I'm a huge animal lover (I have 2 cats and 2 birds) who’s also a vegan. I think my love for visual aesthetics and animals had a very big effect on the kind of artworks I choose to create. I also incorporated these topics in my FairyFAILS a couple of times."

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The artist shares how being on Bored Panda helped her career out: "Being previously featured on Bored Panda did a lot of great things for me (click here, here, or here for the previous posts), mostly as Omerika but also as OneFairyFAIL. It got a lot of people to follow and see my work. I got wonderful opportunities from it that I will always appreciate, and I discovered amazing artists and received some wonderful support for my work, so I have you to thank for it!"