In 1981 Jim was on his way to work when he collided with an intoxicated driver. The man was in a coma for 6 weeks and was not expected to live. However, Jim proved that miracles do happen sometimes. Despite suffering many bone fractures, infection and a frontal lobe injury, Jim survived. Although the poor man’s health was terribly impaired, being physically and mentally disabled didn’t stop him from living his life to the fullest and being an amazing dad.

One of the man’s 4 children, Morgan, tweeted about one of Jim’s gestures that left everyone in tears. She posted a picture with medicine bottle filled with change and a sweet note. As it turns out, her father, who was recently laid off from work and unable to find another job due to his bad health, was saving his spare change. When he had just enough to fill the bottle, he gave it to his daughter so she could treat herself to a cup of coffee. Morgan was touched by this gesture. “When I got home from work the night I found the change and sweet note in my room, I burst into tears,” she told Love What Matters. Although, she said she wasn’t surprised at all. “I had noticed him saving his pocket change for a while, and in no way did it surprise me that he didn’t spend it on himself, and I don’t think he will ever understand how special this gesture is to me,” Morgan said.

After people began to offer to treat both Morgan and Jim for a coffee, Morgan started a Go Fund Me campaign for her dad. In only 3 days people donated nearly $9,000 for her dad’s staggering medical bills. You can donate too.

Despite all the struggles Jim has ever faced he still a very positive and happy person. “The amazing healthcare workers, the love of our family and friends, and dad’s unwavering faith in God has continued to get him through every single obstacle he has faced in the aftermath of such a horrible tragedy.” Also, his sense of humor. “He is the funniest guy I know and has THE BEST DAD JOKES” she explained. Morgan wants that her father’s story would inspire and continue to touch peoples’ hearts.

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Morgan Porterfield ‏posted a heartwarming tweet about her disabled dad

Her father Jim suffered a serious car accident that left him physically and mentally disabled

Jim was recently laid off from work and unable to find another job due to his bad health

Morgan noticed that he was saving his spare change but she didn’t expect that he’ll do this

Many people were touched by this gesture and encouraged Morgan to start a Go Fund Me campaign

In only 3 days people donated nearly $9,000 to cover Jim’s staggering medical bills

Here’s how everyone reacted