French photographer Sacha Goldberger is raising a lot more than just eyebrows with his latest photo series. Secret Eden is a set of photo pairs that, when put together in one's imagination, reveal salacious scenes. A deeper meaning, however, lies behind them.

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Each pair of photos is set in its own era and political climate, with some depicting historic times, and others visualizing the future. One even stages a ménage à trois involving Snow White and 2 dwarves. The photos of Secret Eden deal with taboos of sexuality, such as public affection, interracial love, and the supposed sanctity of our ancestors. An air of emotional detachment also falls over the subjects, which could be a commentary on how the modern world is coming to view physical relationships.

Scroll through the suggestive series below, and try to spot each hidden tryst. Also, tell us what you think about Secret Eden in the comments.

More info: Sacha Goldberger (h/t: DesignYouTrust | Dangerous Minds)

#1 Eve 3882

Eve 3882

Sacha Goldberger Report

GlassOfWater 1 year ago

Took me a while

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#3 A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life

Sacha Goldberger Report

beargrylls420 1 year ago

I wish I knew why it's night time in the 2nd and day time in the 1st...

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#5 Apple Is The B*tch

Apple Is The B*tch

Sacha Goldberger Report

Natasha L 1 year ago

There goes my childhood....

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#6 One Lake Away

One Lake Away

Sacha Goldberger Report

LaurieAnn Charest 1 year ago

Love the cabin!!!

#9 Etiquette


Sacha Goldberger Report

Slick Elvin 1 year ago

This is hot.. IF the guy on top is a guy. If it's a girl who failed to grow breasts, Im flagging this pic.