Pretty much every person who likes to visit movie theatres enjoys the smell and taste of fresh, delicious popcorn coming from a concession stand. And while some people find the sound of someone eating popcorn during a movie a bit annoying, it’s probably nothing compared to the smell and the sound of someone crunching on a dill pickle next to you. Yes, you’ve read that, right! There are some movie theatres in Texas and Pittsburgh, where you can buy pickled cucumbers to binge on while you’re enjoying a movie. And while this movie snack seems a bit strange and unusual for most of us, Texans are surprised that eating pickled gherkins in movie theatres is not a thing everywhere. Seriously, they love pickles! Well, at least it’s a healthy snack and not some abomination in the lines of deep-fried butter. Don’t believe us? Scroll below to see these unique snacks in full color yourself!

Most of us associate movie theaters with the smell of delicious popcorn

But did you know that there are people who can’t help but think about pickles when they visit a movie theater?

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There are some movie theaters in Texas, where you can buy this unconventional snack to binge on while you’re enjoying a movie

It turns out even Pittsburgh is guilty of it!

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The best part of it all – Texans had no idea how unusual it is!