Depression is a bitch and not all people are able to tackle it alone. However, when Twitter user @chojuroh asked Dan Harmon, the co-showrunner of Rick and Morty, for help, she didn’t think he would respond. But he did, and Dan’s words were so powerful, we thought everyone should read them.

“I asked Dan Harmon because I wanted advice from someone who suffers, but is not a professional,” chojuroh wrote. “This is the most basic, general advice I’ve been given so far, and it’s great. I participate in 4 separate therapies, and treating depression is the least of my worries. I know what works for me, but I knew it would help others for someone in the public eye to say something. Letting out your pain can do a lot of good in the long run, even if you don’t feel better right away.”

Scroll down to read what Harmon had to say about the topic and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Daniel Harmon is an American writer, producer, voice actor, and all-around cool guy

He’s the creator of popular show Rick and Morty

A fan on Twitter recently asked him a personal, but important question…


And he came back with the best possible response

It pretty much left us all ‘kinda star struck rn’


It turns out, his words helped more than just the person he wrote to

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