Parents usually don’t understand their kids when it comes to fads and memes. And often times, even if they try to, it is cringy and awkward for a lack of better words.

However, when kids themselves don’t get the fads and memes, this is where the two teams unite and produce internet gold. Just like this dad who decided to be the ideal representation of a VSCO girl for Halloween and be filmed by his daughter… What? You don’t know what a VSCO girl is? Brace yourself.

Kansas father recently went viral rocking his VSCO girl Halloween costume

Image credits: It’s_me_bish on TikTok

A VSCO girl (pronounced ‘visco girl’) refers to an often ridiculed stereotype of young frivolous ladies who wear oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts, tube tops, and sports/Jean shorts, often Nike, Vans, Crocs or Birks. They always carry around hydroflasks and scrunchies—the iconic accessories of VSCO girls—and they are also very fond of Jeeps.

Image credits: It’s_me_bish on TikTok

A father from Kansas is going viral online with his personification of the VSCO girl stereotype in its full glory. Though Halloween is more often a show of aesthetic, both his clothing and his mannerisms are spot on, fitting all of the criteria that make up a VSCO girl.

Both parents dressed up as pop-culture figures

Image credits: It’s_me_bish on TikTok

Three videos of this have surfaced on his daughter’s TikTok channel. The short video series portrays the dad’s transformation from the regular dad figure into the pop-culture stereotype. He’s sporting—yep, you guessed it—an oversized “save the turtles t-shirt”, a bunch of scrunchies, bright green crocs, and a reusable water bottle. His “sksksk” and “and I oop” references are Oscar-worthy.

Mom was sporting an eboy costume for Halloween

Image credits: It’s_me_bish on TikTok

The video also features the mother, who’s dressed up as an eboy, another TikTok meme reminiscent of the emo kid style. She’s wearing a black striped t-shirt, chain necklaces, nail polish, and has the typical eboy motif of a cross on the upper cheek.

Image credits: It’s_me_bish on TikTok

The couple took their roles seriously, with the mom acting melancholic and moody and the dad being overly friendly and happy. They even jokingly did the Eyes Lips Face Challenge while they were at it.

This isn’t the first time this dad is featured in TikToks. There is a handful of other videos of him busting a move and doing lip-syncs together with his daughter on her TikTok channel. Needless to say, that’s one down-to-earth dad!

The internet absolutely adored the dad in his VSCO girl Halloween act