Hello, everybody and A Happy New Year! It has been a very fruitful year and an indeed a wonderful period.

The New Year has found me making plans. Crochet plans.
I have been aiming to complete my Superhero Collection with a complementary Villains Collection.

So I got my yarn, felt and crocheting hook and got to work. As they came to “life” in my hand, it was not at all as I imagined. They lost their primordial menacing and violent characteristic, their dark nature has been shattered. Like a curse that has been lifted.

My villains of choice were The Joker (an evil sociopath), Bane (a cold-blooded killer), Hannibal (a psychopath that also happens to be a cannibal), Jigsaw (a violent, bloody nightmare), Dracula (the evil undead) and Frankenstein (a nightmare-ish experiment). They are symbols of evil that became symbols of peace. I love disarming and presenting them in a new dimension.

I hope you all will love them and let them put a smile on your face!

More info:

Dracula – the cutest little Vampire


The Joker – Why so cute?

Bane – once a cold-blooded bad guy – now he just wants your love

Frankenstein – the experiment that gone so right!

Hannibal – he will have you(r hugs) for dinner


Jigsaw – once a nightmare, now just a cutie