I take ordinary pieces of furniture like coffee tables or drawers and turn them into characters that can live in your house, help you get dressed or entertain your guests. They are all part of the same “species” I call “cuteoshenii” – unique characters that make you dream and laugh while brushing your teeth or putting on your socks.

I paint everything in acrylics and use water based lacquer so everything is child safe and water resistant. I like to encourage refurbishing and giving new life to your old furniture with the help of my “cuteoshenii”.

More info: cuteoshenii.com

A dresser turned into a traveling dog- the perfect companion for a newborn

A dresser turned into a dog that makes sure your socks stay in pairs

A simple coffee table from IKEA that now tells the love story of two newly weds

CuteOpuzzle – hand painted wooden puzzle

A couple’s unique way to set the table

Lazy cat took your seat?

Vintage radio (1920), found at the dump and transformed into a chest of drawers for papers, magazines and singing birds

Cuteoshenie with a trunk – a newborn’s best friend