It’s no secret that lately adult coloring books have been taking over bookstores. Most of them are very detailed and sophisticated, even spiritual. But Sarah Bigwood, a 30-year-old artist from UK, known as PixieRah Design, has taken a whole different approach – relaxation by coloring… swear words.

Sarah’s book, called “Sweary Colouring Book,” consists of 20 different swear words, from the generic “F*ck,” to more specific ones like “C*nt Wanker” – you can definitely find something suitable for the occasion. And many people already have.

Although the artist planned it to be a less mainstream project, released only in a digital format, the book had attained so much attention, that she had to make a physical version of it. And it’s been a great success so far – she has received 13,710 pounds on her Kickstarter campaign and now offers the pre-sale on her Etsy.

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You can buy this “Sweary Colouring Book” book on Etsy