When it comes to solving mysteries, the internet is the first place you should turn to. This time, tumblr detectives have united their brains for yet another important case. They’re trying to determine why the woman on the cover of “Deadly Welcome” is so freakishly tall.

The man behind the illustration of the 1965 John D. MacDonald novel is Robert E. McGinnis. Mr. McGinnis is known for his illustrations of more than 1,200 paperbacks and over 40 movie posters, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, several James Bond films, and The Incredibles.

Aware of his background, the Sherlocks of the internet didn’t simply accuse the man or poor artistry. No, someone this prolific must’ve known what he was doing. Scroll down to check out what hilarious alternative explanations the internet has come up with instead!

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