Darn! Men with yarn is a pin-up calendar featuring men in knitted and crocheted underwear posing with knitted props: an iron, a vacuum cleaner, a piece of a pie, a TV, a drill and lots more. And yes: these pictures are the ironic reference to the pin-up calendars showing girls with car parts and garage tools. We wanted to make the opposite by using men with yarn objects. And also opposite: we used men with real body’s from everyday life. Without fake body parts or Photoshop.

Our last Darn! Men with yarn calendar was such a great success, we had to make more. People wanted to see more diverse models, so we searched for more different (body) types in our social network. Women offered their men without even asking. Good looking men, but also ugly ones ( “but his body ìs beautiful,” someone said. What does that say about his head, we thought). We got friends, friends from friends and their friends, lovers, nephews, sons, old schoolmates and a teacher from one of our children to strip down to their knitted underwear.

Club Geluk is a textile-, knit- and crochet label based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We knit food, tools, utensils, movement, detail and everything that is normally not soft and cuddly. In October, we’ll publish our book: Club Geluk & and the secret of the knitted ham and more unusual knits (which also sounds good in Dutch).

More info: clubgeluk.nl


Vacuum Cleaner