Most kids are lucky if they get a crocheted hat or a pair of socks. But one mom in Mentor, Ohio just went way beyond the call of duty by making this awesome crocheted E.T. costume for her 2-year-old son Jack!

The out-of-this-world outfit took Stephanie Pokorny four days to make. Her grandma taught her to crochet when she was a teen and so she put those skills to the test by making the costume freestyle without using any sort of pattern. Jack might not be old enough to appreciate the retro brilliance of his outfit but we certainly are. Jealous? You should be. There’s still three weeks until Halloween though, so “phone home” and ask your mom to make you an E.T. costume.

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Stephanie Pokorny completed this ET costume just in 4 days

It’s not the first costume that the creative crocheter has made however

She’s also crocheted a Star Wars BB-8 space helmet…

A cute puppy ear-warmer…

She even made an Absolem costume for Jack and a Clint Eastwood costume for her other son Jake!