You’re probably hearing more and more festive tunes in your local supermarket, and noticing ads for Christmas decorations online. You know what that means—we’re less than two months away from what many call their favorite holiday of the year. While during these strange times, you may not feel as festive as you always did, there are ways to bring the Christmas mood to your home and… your chicken.

Apparently, this Etsy shop is selling the most adorable Christmas sweaters for chickens.

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Apparently, you can buy your chicken a Christmas sweater

Image credits: AnimalFunandFashion

The cute sweater is crocheted and comes in red, with white trim and Santa Claus buttons. It is handmade and comes in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes.

The chicken Christmas sweater can be ordered from Etsy, from the seller AnimalFunandFashion. As the name of the shop suggests, the seller also carries a variety of crocheted clothes for animals, no less cute than this festive, bright-red piece.

It’s crocheted and comes in a festive red color

Image credits: AnimalFunandFashion

The handmade sweater comes in several sizes

Image credits: AnimalFunandFashion

You can order the chicken Christmas sweater from Etsy, which is listed as a best-seller, for $14.99 to $18.45, depending on the size. “Received in the mail and so very pleased!” one buyer wrote. “These sweaters are adorable and I am sure my Silkie will look adorable in it!”

The price for a chicken sweater starts at $14.99 and goes up to $18.45, depending on its size. The shop AnimalFunandFashion is based in the Netherlands and has made 214 sales so far. In addition to this, the customers seem to be perfectly happy with their adorable clothes for animals, leaving only rave reviews and 5 stars for the product.

While the prices start at $14.99

Image credits: AnimalFunandFashion

With this stylish piece, your chicken will be the cutest animal on the farm

Image credits: AnimalFunandFashion

“This seller did a fantastic job making a perfect fitting sweater for my little hen and didn’t even need measurements and the price was very reasonable. The sweater is also very comfortable for my chicky baby and looks fantastic on her,” one buyer reviewed the Etsy shop. “So cute and warm!” someone who bought one of the sweaters added.

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