Not everyone is born under a lucky star. And four-leaf clovers are not a rarer find than one would like it to be. Yet some people… Some people are straight up doomed to experience some next level of messing everything up. Just like it happened for this guy, a proud and protective father. One day, his kids complained about a creep of some kind suspiciously hanging around their school. So the father had to take action. And what happened next… is a story best told from the first lips.

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According to, every parent can take steps to protect their children from sick-minded individuals. These might include:

  • Avoid delegating their affairs to other people. “Parents should learn to do things for their children themselves. This may seem impossible for working parents but then every parent knows raising kids isn’t easy. A lot of the predators who abuse the kids are family members and people they are familiar with. It is shocking that an aunt or uncle who probably helped change their diapers is doing disgusting things to them behind you.”
  • Educating them about this kind of dangers when they’re ready for it. “Unlike in the past when talking about sex and sex-related issues was a taboo in most homes, the world has changed and parents are starting to take the initiative in such matters. As soon as a child learns to speak and express herself, you should educate her on these things. Proper naming of body parts should be done. Every child should also be taught to defend themselves when they are being molested. Making them know the parts of their bodies that shouldn’t be touched would help them a great deal.”
  • Screening what they watch. “As impossible as it is for one to completely monitor a child’s activities, one could only try as parents to set them on their right course. Share people’s experiences with them. This would help them see promiscuity as being abnormal instead of embracing it.”

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