Robots were predicted to take over mundane tasks from people’s daily lives. One day, robots will casually walk among us; in fact, it’s already happening. A dog-like robot was spotted patrolling the streets of Northern Ontario, Canada a few days ago. A couple of friends who caught the not-so-furry friend on camera were both creeped out and amazed by the unusual encounter. It appears that the robot-dog was being “walked” by a man remotely controlling it. In the video, the mechanical puppy was mimicking dog behavior and even stopped to give them a piercing stare as if it was scanning them.

The video Nathan shared on his Twitter and Instagram went viral with over 14M views, over 112.4k likes, and tons of comments from terrified and impressed people. Science fiction enthusiasts immediately found similarities with the “Metalhead” episode in Black Mirror and the classic Terminator, and their comments boost our imagination!

Is this what robot invasion will look like? Would you like this kind of pet, or is it creeping the hell out of you? Let us know in the comments!

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A couple of friends saw a creepy robot dog roaming the streets of northern Ontario at night

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They caught the mechanical four-legged creature on camera

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“I was with my friend, Kaedan, driving to her house when we saw the Boston Dynamics robot! He was being walked by a man who had a remote controller. We pulled over to the side of the road and asked if we could take a video. He gave his permission and we both shot our video. I was very creeped out and excited to see it, but my friend thought it was the cutest thing ever—you can hear her saying ‘I love you!’

We asked why the man had the robot, and he said it was for work. My friend told him he must have a really cool job, and we said goodbye. It was exciting to see such a high-tech robot in real life, but it was pretty eerie!” Nathan told Bored Panda.

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The robot dog is actually a Boston Dynamics nimble robot called Spot

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This advanced puppy can traverse rough terrain, climb stairs, jump, open locked doors, and sells for $74,500

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Created by engineering company Boston Dynamics, Spot has a variety of specs and is now available for purchase, but is this puppy isn’t for everyone. Besides dog-like movements, this loyal, remotely-controlled mechanical friend can walk up to three miles per hour, avoid obstacles, and perform a numbers of programmed tasks from dancing, climbing, and opening doors to pulling a truck. It potentially has efficient applications in business, such as monitoring the environment and providing awareness. It has already been put to use in a park in Singapore, where it encouraged social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video of the terrifying robo-dog that Nathan shared on Twitter has gone viral with over 14M views

This is what netizens had to say about it

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