When you need to get your nails done, you need to get your nails done. And it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a potentially deadly virus and expose other people to it in the process. They won’t know. At least, not at first.

If all of this sounds like something straight out of a sinister sci-fi drama, I’ve got bad news for you; it’s not fiction.

Taylor, a nail artist at Rogue Menai Salon, said a shameless woman turned up to get a manicure done just two days after testing positive for coronavirus – and only admitted to lying about being COVID-free when she got home.

Devastated after hearing she’d been exposed to the virus, Taylor shared screenshots of the text conversation she had with the client to remind people in the industry to stay safe. You can never be sure if your client hasn’t lost their mind yet.

Image credits: Nenad Stojkovic (not the actual photo)

“It was very distressing to receive those messages,” Taylor told Allure. “It is alarming to think there are people who don’t take other people’s safety seriously.” She says that since posting the screenshots, she’s heard from other people in the beauty-service industry who’ve gone through similar incidents.

In Washington, the state’s guidelines say that everyone who is seeking a personal service provider — that includes nail salons– “must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the service provider location.”

Image credits: roguemenai

Taylor said she has reported the client to the proper authorities. “I’m leaving it to them to help me handle this situation properly.” In the meantime, however, she can’t — and wouldn’t — work.

“I am hoping after my two-week quarantine that I will be able to take clients back on. My first concern is the safety of my clients, family members, and friends — first and foremost.”

People were shocked to hear the news