No doubt you’ve heard of the saying “love at first sight.” You often hear it with stories where two people fall in love instantly and go on to live a happily-ever-after life. And good for them!

Now, you may not have heard of “love at second sight,” as said by Heidi Savitt, who got married to Ed Savitt, a lad she thought she first met at university, but as it turned out, they actually met by complete accident back when they were just 6 years old.

Ever heard of love at first sight? What about love at second sight? This is the story of the latter

Image credits: Ed & Heidi Savitt

Meet Heidi and Ed Savitt, a couple that first (actually second, but they didn’t know it) met at Newcastle University as students back in 2011. Ed was studying psychology and business, while Heidi was an economics and management major.

When Ed first moved into the student accommodations, he was having trouble using the washing machine. So he decided to get in touch with the previous tenant, Heidi, who was more than happy to help out.

Heidi and Ed thought they first met in university back in 2011 when Ed asked Heidi for some help with the washing machine in his student accommodation

Image credits: Ed & Heidi Savitt

Several weeks later, they spotted each other on a night out, leading to a first date in a local Pizza Express and becoming inseparable. Some years later, Ed popped the question, culminating in the happy-ever-after part I mentioned before.

Well, there’s more, as the awesomeness doesn’t end there. Heidi took Ed to dinner with her parents, and in the middle of the evening, her mother remembered that Heidi had a childhood boyfriend who was also named Ed during one of their family vacation in Turkey.

Years of dating later, during dinner with parents, Heidi’s mom said she had a boyfriend also named Ed during one of the family vacations when she was just 6 years old

Image credits: Ed & Heidi Savitt

The couple first thought it was a cute coincidence, but didn’t make much of it. Until Heidi’s mom went through their family photos stored in the attic, found a picture of Heidi and her childhood vacation boyfriend named Ed, and sent it to the couple.

And, as it turns out, it was actually the two of them back when they were just 6 years old, standing right there side-by-side in the pictures. Heidi was so surprised that she had to lie down for a moment! Ed’s family also dug out some photographs of the same family vacation, and, yep, surely enough, there were Heidi and Ed being their 6-year-old selves on a family vacation.

Turns out, it was the same Ed because Heidi’s mother found photos of the two on said vacation, which blew everyone’s minds

Image credits: Ed & Heidi Savitt

Back in 1997, the two families decided they wanted a family vacation abroad. Note that one was from Sheffield, while the other was from London and they did not know of each other. It just so happened that both decided to have their vacations in Bodrum, Turkey at the exact same time. And it was natural for the kids to become friends during the trip because that’s what kids often do.

Back then, they already seemed inseparable as witnessed in the pictures, but the vacation ended and so did their friendship. Heidi had honestly forgotten about this little detail until now.

Fate ended up reuniting the couple without them knowing it and they got married nearly 20 years after first meeting each other in their childhood

Image credits: Ed & Heidi Savitt

So, fast forward to finding out about this very delightful trick that fate pulled on them. They started calling friends and family, telling them of what had actually happened, and everyone was honestly surprised by all of this. It wasn’t long until the story reached the internet, where it began making headlines.

In the summer of 2016, Ed and Heidi got married and now co-own a coffee shop in Southfields, London. They have since then also revisited the location where they spent their childhood vacation only to find a mural of the two of them from when they were just 6, celebrating a love that started over 20 years ago and how fate brought the two back together.

Watch a video of the happy couple’s story

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So, there you have it, folks: love at “second” sight. What did you think about this? Have similar stories of your own? Why not tell us about them in the comments section below!

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