A single black mom turned to her community for help after being constantly harassed and threatened by her neighbors, and the response she got has been amazing.

Jennifer McLeggan is a nurse who lives in Valley Stream, on Long Island, with her daughter Immaculate. However, her life turned into a living hell when her next-door neighbors tried to intimidate her and make her move out.

Once word got out about Jennifer’s plight, some community members have been keeping watch over her home to protect her. Now, police officers from the Nassau County 5th Precinct have officially given the woman protection around the clock while the county has launched an investigation.

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Jennifer put up a sign on her door explaining how her white neighbors have been harassing her

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Image credits: standwithjennifer

She is a registered nurse and a single mom

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Jennifer has evidence of her neighbors walking around with guns, trying to intimidate her

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Image credits: standwithjennifer

They have also been leaving dead squirrels and animal feces in her yard

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However, the local community came together to support Jennifer

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Image credits: standwithjennifer

The single mom now also has police protection while detectives are conducting an investigation

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There’s a protest planned to support Jennifer on the evening of July 16

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Some of Jennifer’s neighbors have been throwing feces and dead squirrels in her yard, spitting on her property and walking around with guns. She’s been living in her current house for the last 2 and a half years and has been getting fines for the dog feces in her yard.

“I bought the property when I was pregnant, and this is the truth, the property was in bad shape. I’m trying my best to make every effort to clean the property. I’ve done my best to clean the property,” the single mom told ABC7NY about the situation.

“I mow the lawn, when there’s snow out here I’m shoveling the snow by myself. I’m doing what I can to keep the property clean. I kept on noticing dog feces. I kept on noticing ticket ordinances from the Valley Stream Village town. I keep getting tickets. I keep seeing dog feces. I installed a camera here. I caught my neighbor throwing dog feces in front of my property. I took that video to court, and I won a judgment.”

She also spoke about the sign that she put up on her front door: “In case something happens to me here, then somebody would know I’m in the house with a baby. If I die in here, at least cops would see the sign.”

Jennifer hasn’t been the only local to be harassed: Erica Coreas said that something similar happened to her when she first moved into the neighborhood, too, but on a smaller scale.

This Thursday, July 16, there is a protest planned to support Jennifer and her daughter. Meanwhile, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said in a statement that they do not tolerate harassment or intimidation because of who people are or what they look like. County police department detectives are conducting an investigation into the matter.

Here’s how people reacted to the entire situation

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