Colorado-based Stefanie Hook recently released a TikTok showing off her magical mask, and it has immediately become a viral sensation, accumulating over 2 million views.

At first, it appears to be a simple black mask but as Stefanie breathes, the face-covering changes color and reveals a design of the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter.

Hook, who sells her handmade creations online through her company CPEX (which stands for Colorado Pony Express, DYI), started making these masks as a way to ‘bring magic’ into the real world and to inspire others to get creative.

More info: CPEX | TikTok

Image credits: cpex

Image credits: cpex

Though these masks are currently sold out, Hook will restock them on her website starting May 29.

She said she definitely considers herself a Potterhead and came up with the idea for the design because… she’s a witch! “But really I would have to say that the best explanation is I have a very broad knowledge of different art mediums and I cross them over a lot in my work,” Hook explained to Bored Panda.

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“I’m not afraid to try mixing different textures and elements. I was watching the scene where the twins hand Potter the Marauder’s Map in the middle of me filling mask orders and I started thinking ‘wait a minute, I could do that, couldn’t I, I could totally do that!'”

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Hook pointed out that this face-covering does not replace personal protective equipment such as N95 or surgical masks. So the Harry Potter mask does not protect or mitigate diseases or viruses. Although the design was created from a CDC-provided pattern for DIY masks, both the CDC and Hook suggest that the mask should be used in conjunction with medical-grade masks and only as a last resort whilst sick. It is best for hobbies or cosplay.

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Though her masks look incredible, Hook said that her sewing process requires only simple tools. The woman uses an inexpensive sewing machine as well as standard sewing supplies, licensed cotton fabric, elastic, and color-changing pigment.

Also, “a buttload of caffeine” and a “hearty sailor’s vocabulary in both disappointment and excitement” help her get through the creative process which can be lengthy.

From start to finish, between cutting fabric, treating the fabric, waiting for the fabric to set, and sewing a single mask together, it can take 17 hours.

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Hook described her sewing skills as ‘advanced, but non-conventional’. She doesn’t typically use purchased patterns. “I usually either design my own or just start in on randomly bending and shaping fabrics to my will I’ll attach some photos for reference.

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That being said, developing the face-covering had its challenges. “It’s not the mask’s completion that’s the difficult part it’s the processes leading up to it such as the treatment of the fabric that takes the most patience.

“I feel like the world can be magical and that we are not limited by the boundaries of our reality,” Hook added. “I will continue to push those boundaries in hopes of inspiring others and brightening people’s days.”


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