No doubt every one of you has gone outside to do some cloud gazing when you were kids. Me and my friends would get dizzy because of how long we used to gawk at the sky sometimes. And there was never enough sky for us to gawk at.

Well, children’s books illustrator Chris Judge brought everyone back to their childhoods by posting some of his most recent cloud gazing pictures with a little added bonus.

On his Twitter, he posted a handful of cloud pictures with his own doodles on them, as if to fill in the gaps of our imagination. And people loved it, inspiring many others to post their own cloudy doodles.

Bored Panda invites you to check out Chris’ doodled clouds, as well as those of other tweeters that he inspired below. While you’re down there, be sure to read through our interview with Chris and to vote and comment on the doodles you’ve enjoyed the most.

No doubt many of us have been cloud gazing in our youth, putting our imagination to work along the way

Image credits: Chris Judge

“I have been drawing on photographs for as long as I can remember. I find it’s a fun and quick way to loosen up before starting drawing for the day. I usually destroy all of the Sunday Paper magazines drawing all over them instead of reading them. I have been drawing on fruit and vegetables for years, turning them into characters and then when I started using Procreate, I found I could add faces and limbs to them really quickly,” explained Chris on how he came up with the idea to doodle on clouds.

He continued: “We get amazing clouds here in Ireland because the weather is so unpredictable and I kept seeing distinctive shapes so that was a natural progression (in my mind!) from the fruit and veggies. I wanted to try and capture clear characters with as little pencil strokes as possible.”

Well, illustrator Chris Judge has also been training his imagination by “filling in the gaps” of the clouds above

Image credits: Chris Judge

Chris recently uploaded some photos of his cloud doodles to Twitter, and people loved them

Image credits: Chris Judge

Chris Judge is an illustrator, artist, and children’s picture book author based in Dublin, Ireland. His work is a mixture of illustration, painting and design, and has appeared in books, advertising, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions and interiors. And much of his Instagram is him plopping faces, arms, and other bodily add-ons on various foods, flowers, and other objects, so clouds aren’t exclusive in that regard.

“I have been seeing faces on inanimate objects since I was a child. I discovered recently that it is officially called Pareidolia. I struggle with academic subjects and I guess my brain was always more visual in the way I view the world. Drawing into photos feels like an interesting way to bring what I see to life,” explained Chris.

In fact, they loved them so much that they also started doodling clouds for themselves

Image credits: Chris Judge

Image credits: Chris Judge

It wasn’t long until Chris’ cloudy doodles went viral, getting nearly 16k retweets and over 77k likes

Image credits: Chris Judge

Chris’ twitter post soon went viral, garnering almost 16,000 retweets and over 77,000 likes as of this article. Besides this, many have jumped in with their own cloudy doodles, which included fish, dogs, rabbits, ducks, mushrooms, and a bunch of other animals and things.

“I was very surprised by the reaction at first, but then realized that many people see the world in a similar way, which was comforting. I was thrilled to see people creating their own cloud illustrations and posting them on my timeline. Many parents were excited to try it with their kids as a project which brings me great joy,” said Chris.

Image credits: Chris Judge

It was a complete surprise to Chris, but a pleasant one as he enjoyed the cloudy doodles others created

Image credits: Chris Judge

Now, Chris has been drawing faces on objects since the dawn of time, and his fruit and veggie project on Instagram is an ongoing project. However, faces on clouds struck a chord with his audience, and it also inspired Chris himself to go on creating more cloudy doodles:

“I am waiting for the right kind of clouds and weather. I have a very specific type of lighting that I think works really well and brings them to life. Since I posted them, one of my favorite authors contacted me and we are now working on a book loosely based on the illustrations which I am incredibly excited about.”

Image credits: Chris Judge

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Here are some of the creations that the Internauts posted in response to Chris’ doodles

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