A woman promising a press-worthy “historic” wedding is already getting attention for reasons she didn’t anticipate. The bride announced on Facebook that her groom’s godmother has been kind enough to offer to host the wedding at her estate in Maine, which she says is a historical landmark. So, since she’s received the incredibly generous offer of a beautiful, prestigious free wedding venue, that means she’s saved money for the rest of the wedding, right? Well… actually, she’s hoping she won’t have to pay for the other services, either.

Image credits: sefa ozel (not the actual photo)

The bride posted her appeal on Facebook

Her proposal is that the “exposure” of putting on a wedding in an undisclosed location in Maine (quick, name the most famous landmark you can think of in Maine!) compensates for what looks like the entire wedding staff’s flights, accommodation, and the creative and physical labor of making an original custom dress in six months. Most people have trouble even getting their best friends to come to destination weddings, and at least they’re paying for a vacation rather than business as usual.

Her friends were less than pleased

As for the month-long honeymoon, she could have gotten a discount because tourism tends to dry up in Dubai in the summer months. Average July temperatures there are around 40°C (105°F) with almost 100% humidity, so the couple won’t feel very motivated to get out and explore the city (or take a dip in the sea, which is almost as warm.) Maybe they could get a similar experience, and save enough to cover their wedding expenses, by staying home and trapping themselves inside a shopping mall for a month.

The story made it to r/ChoosingBeggars, where Redditors were also unimpressed

Still, we’re pretty curious about this mysterious location in Maine that photographers could make a living just by selling photos of. We’ll just have to find out where it is when we see it in the news in June!